Whether it’s a quick business meeting or a long leisurely lunch, Embo is sure to satisfy your appetite on every occasion. We cater for corporate functions, conference venues, private parties, year-end business parties and any function you would like to organise.

We also do drop – off catering, or you may order a dish to be collected. We have a variety of menus available, from brunch to lunch, casual dinners or canapés, to full on fine dining dinners.

Our menu is offering a collection of ethnic / traditional South African meals. Deliciously prepared and presented with meticulous attention to quality.


Whether you are planning a small, one day meeting / conference or a big event, Embo’s event team is ready to assist with all aspects of logistical coordination for your event including decoration, catering, audio-visual and many more.

We offer:

  • Event planning, designing and implementation
  • Concept and theme design
  • Event production and décor design
  • Event administration and coordination

If you need an extra pair of hands at an event to assist you with registration, ushering in guests or managing the event on the actual day – we can assist you. If your event coordinator is on leave and you need someone to assist you with the running of the event – we can also assist you. What ever your needs are – we can assist you.

Venue Hiring

Whether you are organising a wedding, party, gala dinner, conference, away day or meeting, Buyel’ Embo Village has the venue to match your creative vision and production requirements for any event.


  • Product launch
  • Cocktail party
  • Public Viewing Area
  • Birthday party
  • Corporate affair
  • Wedding


Embo is having a unique up-market bar that provides customers with unparallel and friendly environment for enjoying quality beverages. It offers wide variety of alcohol drinks amongst others wines, beers, brandy and whisky. And it also provides specialized non-alcoholic, organic drinks and appetizers.

Live bands

On Wednesdays and Saturdays Embo features live performances from stand-up comedians, afro-pop and jazz artists, poetry and many more.

Beauty Salon & Massage Parlour

Whether you are looking for a place to unwind or to get a perfect haircut, Embo’s experts will make sure that you have an amazing experience so that you leave looking and feeling great.

The African body massage will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and re-energized; while our barbershop will give you that perfect haircut or beard trimming.

Car Wash

Embo offers the widest range of car wash services, all done by skilled and experienced personnel. Services offered include:

  • Car washing (exterior)
  • Car cleaning (interior)
  • Car detailing

Outdoor games

Whether you are looking for a place to take part in an outdoor sporting activities or a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy pleasant day outside; Embo’s green grass and good tunes plus a beautiful sunny day creates uncomparable recreational spot. It is perfect for any sporting activity, including but not limited to:

  1. Jump Rope
  2. Hide and Seek
  3. Mini soccer (5v5)
  4. Kick the Can
  5. Touches rugby
  6. Capture the Flag
  7. Blind Man’ Bluff
  8. Spud AND many more

What makes us different?

Transportation of customer

For the safety of our customers and other road users; and keeping in line with our laws pertaining to drink and driving, Embo offers transportation services to transport our clients to their desired destiny within the Khayelitsha and surrounding areas.


The security is tight at Buyel’ Embo Village. The whole village is protected by CCTVs which are monitored 24 hours. This is supplemented by clearly visible security guards and bouncers.

Free Wi-Fi

Embo offers free Wi-Fi for the first 30 minutes, thus you can access the internet for free using your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere within the boundaries of the village.


If you decide to use your car, Embo offers safe parking, facilitated by professional car guards. This parking can accommodate up to 60 cars.

VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge is an exclusive HOLDING ROOM for VIP. It is having its’ own entrance and parking. What makes this VIP Lounge special, its’ excellent view and its’ ability to be transformed to accommodate any function, from meetings or private parties to any other event.

Environmentally Friendly Pledge

Embo is committed to protect the environment through the following ways:

  1. By using products that have minimum effects to environment.
  2. Our building is constructed using green materials such as thatch and wood.
  3. We also use water tanks to keep rain water for our plants and our 800 square meter lawn.
  4. Our domestic animals including peacock are in perfect harmony with our environment.
  5. We organize awareness events dealing with environmental issues and
  6. Embo is dedicated to encourage its suppliers, customers and community to be environmentally friendly.