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8 Alfred Nzo Street,
Mandela Park,
Cape Town,
Tel: 071 738 1934 (Whatsapp)
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On the 16 December 2013, Buyel’ Embo Village (Embo), was born. Embo will be more than a restaurant, it will be a traditional village situated in the heart of Mandela Park, Khayelitsha. This is the first of its kind for both our community and the tourists.

This cultural village aims to remind us of our origin and serves as the reservoir for African knowledge pertaining to nature and traditions, giving us an opportunity to celebrate who we are through music (wonderful sounds from live bands) or from its’ distinct fineness of cuisine, topped up with African (local) arts and crafts.

As you enter this village, you are welcomed by the excellent landscape and horticulture, giving you a sense of being in the homelands, even though you have never set a foot in rural areas. Embo is a true representation of something that is genuinely (South) African.

Buyel’ Embo Village’s uniqueness lies in it offering great place where people do not only enjoy good traditional food but listen to soul music and bask in traditional dance. A place that can transform to host any event from a birthday party to a corporate event; OR a place where grooms and brides will commit to each other, for life. Learn More

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